Scott Finley



Finley's seen things during his 43 years of film and video production. Most of his USC film professors died after he attended their classes. Chinese guards roughed him up with assault rifles in The Forbidden City. Cairo camel raiders attempted a kidnapping (he was too heavy). Nancy Pelosi told him "I'll do anything you ask." Rush Limbaugh offered to trade contraband cigars for his Sony VX1000. Steve Ballmer stepped on him. Michelle Obama extended her hand to give him a bump. He watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate.

You know. Production.

CH2M Hill, City of L.A., Dow Chemical, Eastman, University of Rochester, Clemson University, CNN, BizKid$, The Air Force and Fox TV (he gets them confused), Paramount Pictures, Toyota, Suzuki, Candid Camera, a mysterious orchestra,Turner Construction, Vangelis, The Dixie Chicks, Yes (the band, not the affirmative), and 6 to 8 thousand videos for Microsoft. 

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