John Moffitt

John Moffitt offers you the world.

John Moffitt offers you the world.

John Moffitt, Founding Partner
A producer's producer out of Dartmouth, John rides shotgun on shows of dizzying complexity, running countless product launches and digital events. You have welcomed much of his work into your living room. He can't be out-organized. And you'll lose money betting you can hoover a crew meal faster than John.

Fun Facts

  • Dartmouth College History Major and Eagle Scout.
  • Received a "Thank You" from President Obama while shooting at the Democratic National Convention, member of The Director’s Guild of America and the much swankier Producer’s Guild since 1992. 
  • Stage managed Miss Nude Universe on The Arsenio Hall Show.  Though fully clothed, John embarrassed her with his naked charm.
  • Lead a photo safari in The Galapagos because "Maybe some of Darwin's numbers are off beam."  
  • John's children?  Ridiculously accomplished kids who seem so delightful they might as well be in movies featuring Gregory Peck shooting dogs. 
  • Reads camera manuals for fun (in French).

National Commercials for Nike and Boeing.  Primetime Emmys, MTV Video Music Awards, Soul Train Awards (!).  Music videos for Madonna, Janet Jackson, The Black Crowes, Tear for Fears and REM  The Arsenio Hall and Stephanie Miller Shows.  Roundhouse for Nickelodeon, MTV Unplugged, America's Funniest Home Videos, Pee Wee's Playhouse Xmas Special, SuperBowl XXVIII Halftime Show (he was not one of the backup dancers).  Shows for Bill Maher, Monty Python, Smothers Bros., Dennis Miller, Miss USA Pageant (he was not miss Idaho).  1000's of Microsoft projects as Producer/DP/Director/Editor include (inhale):  Democraftic National Convention 2008, MGX, TechEd, E3 for Xbox, Convergence, and every major international auto show for MSN.



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