Andy Wiesnet

Marni generates photobombs wherever she stands.

Marni generates photobombs wherever she stands.

Andy grew up in the Washington DC suburbs, where all of the neighbors and all of his family and friends worked for the government. He naturally turned to theatre and film production.

Fun Facts that are Fun

  • Trustworthy – Eagle Scout | Order of the Arrow.

  • Educated – BA University of Virginia | MFA Florida State University

  • Organized – AEA stage manager

  • Creative – Director Fellow | International Theatre Institute

  • Thrifty – Traded a bullet-riddled picture car for $100 and a case of red wine to avoid a towing charge.

  • Careful - Drove a fifty-foot motorhome in downtown Manhattan and only got one ticket.

  • Self-sufficient - Unloaded his own crew’s baggage from the belly of a 747.

  • Bold – While working on a video for a presidential candidate, tried to have what appeared to be an intruder removed from the set, only to quickly discover it was the head of the secret service contingent.

  • Charming – Claims to have been kissed by Bianca Jagger.


Andy has a varied background, with experience in theatre, opera, feature films, and network television.

Dramatic credits range from location scouting on feature films like “The Next Karate Kid” and “JFK” to production management for the Fox Television docudrama "Public Enemy Number One," as well as many dramatic segments for the Fox Television series "America's Most Wanted." Andy’s commercial credits include over 100 broadcast spots for a wide variety of clients like IBM, MCI, Pepsi, 7-11, Ford, and General Motors.

He has been working in the Seattle market for about 25 years, traveling throughout the United States and around the world, writing, producing, and directing videos for Microsoft and other leading technology companies.